Tiny Love Super Deluxe Lights and Music Gymini Review


This little mini gym looks like nothing but fun and playtime for your baby, but what it really does is provide your little one with a way to learn and develop skills in the guise of an exciting toy! The soft comfortable play mat has everything from fun music and sounds to lights and a touch pad. Your baby is surrounded by a selection of adorable animal playthings to help them learn to spend fun play tummy time.

Reviews for this toy are hyped. You can view the reviews of the Super Deluxe Lights and Music Gymini from Tiny Love here. It seems that the price is a little higher than other play mats that are out there right now, but most say it’s worth every penny if not even more. Parents are falling in love watching their babies play and explore all this wonder mat has to offer. The mat offers a rattle that can double as a teether, a softer rattle in the form of an adorable giraffe, an elephant that doubles as a pull toy to even a monkey that swings and a colorful parrot that spins round and round keeping your baby giggling and having the time of his or her life with all that there is to explore on this mat and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet!


There’s a kick and play pad that responds to your baby as it discovers the sounds and moves these additions make.  Plus it also has a mirror for baby to learn awareness of his or her self. There are a lot of different textures built into the mat plus a fun peekaboo game plus a squeaker to play with as well. Your baby will love to explore the vast variety of textures built into the mat that to the baby is exploring but to us we know it’s helping your baby learn new skills such as arm and hand control while playing with the mat.


So what all this bring to you and to your baby’s play and learn time?

  • It brings new skills and sensations through texture, touch, and even kicks and tummy time
  • A way to discover sounds by using the play and kick pad that is part of this wonderful mat
  • Happy sounding music and lights to enhance your baby’s play time even deeper
  • The aid in developing self-awareness through a mirror where your baby will learn by looking
  • Lots of fun added toys to the mat to explore and play with
  • A soft rattler and one of a sturdier material that can double as a teether

What do people really think of the Tiny Love Super Deluxe Lights and Music Gym?

Parents are happy with this and for the most part the only complaint is the price.  However, they are pleased with what they got for their money just watching their babies develop skills and lessons such as self-awareness while being on the mat in a safe environment.  The Tiny Love Super Deluxe Lights and Music Gym really deserves the praise it is getting by taking a toy and bringing learning to a whole new level for a whole new age group of newborn on up.

When compared to other mats, the Tiny Love Super Deluxe Lights and Music Gym has a bigger mat size so as baby grows they don’t outgrow the mat easily as with other play mats. Another plus was that even with the lights and electronic sounds as well as the different textures on the mat and toys on the arches, it’s simple to clean as it is machine washable. A lot of mats do not have that luxury as machine washing affects the sounds and lights to the point where they are useless because they don’t work anymore.

Even though this is a larger mat than most play mats, it is easily folded and portable without being big and bulky. This factor rated a big plus from people who use it and travel with it often when they go on play dates or other places where they want to bring the gymini.

Final thoughts

The Tiny Love Super Deluxe Lights and Music Gym is definitely worth shelling out a couple of extra dollars for in the lasting and varied, multifaceted play that your child will get from it while knowing the whole time they are picking up and learning new skills. This is definitely one to look into.