Tiny Love Gymini Move and Play Activity Gym Review

If you’re looking for a baby gym that will keep the little ones entertained while also not breaking the bank, which will also stimulate your baby’s sensory perceptions and keep your baby constantly amused, then you want the Tiny Love Gymini Move and Play Activity Gym.

The four-way overhead arch has so many features.

  • It is the only baby gym with a fully adjustable overhead arch for hanging toys.
  • You can turn the arch at any angle and bring it closer to your baby.
  • The overhead arch has seven toys including an elephant that jitters when grabbed, a monkey which rattles and two plastic rattles and rubber tethers.
  • You can pull the arch downwards so that baby can play with the toys lying on his or her back or during tummy time.
  • You can also add your baby’s own toys to the display on the arch display.
  • At the top of the four-way arch is the control for the music and flashing lights.
  • You can leave the music on for 15 minutes or turn it on intermittently.
  • There’s an easy to see mirror so that your baby can recognize and react to baby’s own image.

gym for baby

The mat is large spacious and colorful.

  • The mat is large 44 inches by 40 inches so your baby has plenty of room.
  • You have room to play with your baby.
  • The animals on the mat include a zebra, elephants, and monkeys and animals are colorful and attractive including an elephant with a crinkly ear and a zebra with a mane and tail that, your baby can pull on.
  • There are click on points by the side or the mat to keep your baby secure.

It’s easy to keep clean.

  • You can use the washing machine to clean the mat. You can hand wash the toys and the arch.
  • The mat and the arch are very light so you can move it easily.
  • You can put a blanket underneath the mat to stabilize it.

The benefits of the Tiny Love Gymini Move and Play Activity Gym.

The Tiny Love Gymini accompanies your baby’s development from birth to 12 months old. By reaching out and grabbing the toys your baby extends and develops his pulling and grabbing capacity. It is important for your baby to see them self in the mirror and learn to react and recognize themselves. Experts advise parents to give their baby time to explore their gym by themselves as well as their parents playing with them. Older brothers and sisters can also play with the baby.

The Tiny Love Gymini Move and Play Activity GYM stimulate all the senses, sight, touch and sound. As your baby begins to recognize and identify the animals and toys, it provides a secure and happy environment for enjoying playtime.  Your baby learns to move and reach out and when the moment comes when bay sits up and then stands you can raise the arch to encourage your baby to reach out even more. The around availability of the entertainment and the fact that you can add toys to hang on the arch means that your baby is constantly stimulated whether lying on its back or enjoying tummy time. The electronic music operated by the battery powered system at the top of the arch with flashing lights has seven different tunes is a great and fun way to stimulate your baby’s sight and sound reflexes and help him to identify the tunes. The mirror at the top of the arch is a really important way to encourage your baby’s self-recognition and development.

The Tiny Love website covers seven facets of your baby’s development.

  • The development of cognitive skills and recognition.
  • Emotional intelligence as your baby reacts to you and the world around it
  • The development of fine skills for your baby’s hands and facial expression.
  • Encouraging Movement: crawling, sitting, getting up and eventually walking.
  • Developing imagination and creativity.
  • Encouraging the ability to communicate and the formation of language.
  • Sound, touch, taste, smell and stimulating a natural inquisitiveness.

The Wal-Mart review of the Tiny Love Gymini Move and Play Activity Gym gives it five stars more than any other baby gym and more parents for their babies than any other similar product purchase it. It costs $63 on Amazon.com and also can be found slightly cheaper for $52.99 on Walmart.com.