The Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym

There are a multitude of baby products on the market today that offer a wide variety of opportunities for a baby to explore their world as they grow and learn. Many different baby product manufacturers offer so many choices to encourage your child’s growth and development progression; however, no two products are created equal. Therefore, it is important to review several options and those options have to offer your child.

Top of the Line Gyms

With so many product choices in baby motion gyms available, it can be a bit daunting to narrow the options down to just one. Getting to know the products features and capabilities can be a useful tool for parents to use. Choosing the right purchase can be done after careful consideration, choose one that stimulates your babies auditory impressions with lullabies, animal sounds, and soothing melodies like ocean waves washing against the shore. The gym should also stimulate the babies’ visual impression with colorful lights that jump around in rhythm, blinking and supporting further investigation. The gym should provide for a sensorial experience with a variety of shapes, textures, thickness, and variation. As your baby explores the immediate world around them, expose them to as many textures as possible soft ribbon, flexible plastic or soft batting of a blanket. The Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym has the most textures to offer including a teething wring for when the baby begins the uncomfortable process of their teeth coming in.

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new baby gym

What’s new on the market today?

A new option that is somewhat fresh to the market is the Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym for baby and the consumer reviews have been very positive. It is really a must see in order to believe it is real. Amidst a sea of noisy, tuneful, lively baby toys the Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym stands out from the crowd by the seemingly limitless possibilities.

Other Providers

Most baby play gyms generally have a similar structure in that most offer a soft mat at the base which keeps the baby from touching the floor. The play mat with the Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym offers a soft layered floor mat with a variety of bells and whistles for your baby to explore their senses.

The Soft Round Mat

A key component to the motion gym is most notably the soft round mat which offers two flexible arms overhead and several tiny figurines to amaze your child’s imagination. So many baby motion gyms fall short in the realm of creativity and inspiring a baby’s developmental growth, but that is not the case with the Lamaze symphony motion gym. This product is something that will keep your child entertained for hours at a time with all of the colors, lights, textures, and wonderment. There are hidden treasures sewn within the blanket to increase value added to your child’s enjoyment and playtime. The tummy time mirror allows the child to see themselves within the mirror as they smile and laugh and even when they cry.

All of the Bells and Whistles

The Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym has all the bells and whistles for your baby to discover such as ribbons, a rattle, a jingle, a squeaker, a crinkle, and most importantly a tummy time mirror. Impressively, the Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym has innovatively incorporated a set of swaying arms that bring motion and movement to the hanging toys. This is a key feature to this product that others do not have.

Choose the Best

Parents want what’s best for their young children and considering this, the Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym is the top choice for parents and parents to be. Ultimately, you will need a motion gym that entertains and inspires your child as they learn about shapes and colors. A great deal of a child’s individual growth is directly related back to what they have been exposed too in their early months of life. Their minds are curious and exploratory in nature, so give your child what they are so eagerly asking for to aid in their early education. Many have tried to immolate this fantastic product, but none compare to the original in terms of innovation and safety.

What do parents value?

As parents it can be hard to make choices on behalf of your children, so choose wisely by choosing the best. Choose the one that parents agree is both inspirational and interactive and supports your child’s playful side as well as their inquisitive side.

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