Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym Review

This little mini gym looks like nothing but fun and playtime for your baby, but what it really does is providing your little one with a way to learn and develop skills in the guise of an exciting toy! Your baby is surrounded by a selection of adorable animal playthings to help them learn to spend fun play tummy time. Speaking of tummy time, it comes with a comfortable little pillow to stabilize them as they get used to being on their tummy for playtime. Click here for more information.

Unfortunately, the reviews for this toy are mediocre at best. The biggest complaint is the price.  It seems that there are bigger and better mats out there with more to offer for less money.  However, that is the only complaints that there have been and it seems that there are better than bad overall from those who say that their babies seem to be fascinated with the Treetop Friends and take to the mat very well. This mat is smaller than others that are out there, but it’s also tailored to younger ages as well too from newborn to six months.  It seems that the price is a little higher than other play mats that are out there right now, but there are a few that say it’s worth every penny. Parents love watching their babies play and learn from all this play mat has to offer.

It comes with 5 different toys for baby to start off with, and there’s more you can purchase separately to tailor to your baby’s growing needs as they themselves grow. There are 13 total loops to hang toys from that you acquire to add to baby’s experience on the Treetop Forest Friends play mat.

baby gym

 So what all does this bring to you and your baby’s play and learn time?

  • It brings new skills and sensations through texture, touch, and tummy time
  • 13 loops to change up ways your baby plays and learns
  • 2 minute assembly
  • Lots of fun added toys to the arch as well as room for new ones you can purchase to tailor fit your child’s development needs for a total of 17 skill enhancement items
  • Machine washable

Why are parents paying more for the SkipHop Treetop Friends?

It’s because it’s taking a play mat to a new level yet keeping the learning back to the basics we learned from. It’s not adding to a program that works already.  Basically parents are sticking with the “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy with this mat. It’s simple and teaches children the same way that was learned in days of traditional play pens but adding the new arched play mat which keeps them safe and enclosed in an environment that seems open. It definitely deserves the thumbs up it is getting from parents by taking a toy and bringing a simple environment to a whole new level for an age group of newborn on up.

The mat is comfortable for floor play whether baby is on back or having tummy time.

Also was the fact that even though this smaller mat is easily folded and portable without being overbearing and awkward. This ability rated a big plus from people who use it and travel with it often when they go out on playdates or to other places where they want to bring their child’s play mat so they can be comfortable and play as well as explore and learn on the go..

Honestly, what’s the final word?

Even though the SkipHop Treetop Forest Friends play mat is smaller and costs a few more dollars, the fact that you can customize it to fit your baby is priceless and a huge plus for parents and parents-to-be. Being interchangeable brings it to a new perspective while keeping the basic touch, sound, and stimulations that teach them in the get go. They have fun and they learn, isn’t that what all parents want for their children? They definitely have fun with their new friends and toys and learn along the way. Imagine upgrading to a mirror and sitting there with your child the first time they play with the mirror and get a sense of self awareness for the first time. You can’t put money on the moment. If you want to stick to the basics of learning but experience the gym mat instead of a traditional playpen, this is definitely the route for you to go.

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