Review For Baby Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Play Gym

If you were going to buy the Baby Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Play Gym, you REALLY need to read this first. I think you will be amazed to learn more about this gym.

This is a product that seems to be quite popular on many merchant sites. Let’s dive right in and take a peek at the product features.

Product Features

This gym comes equipped with a large but soft play mat. It can play classic music and has dancing lights. It offers six different activities, which will give baby hours of play time. When tummy time rolls around, this baby gym has real-life imagery on it, so baby will have no trouble drifting off.

Fortunately, the play mat is washable. The gym’s toy star can be removed and attached to most cribs, carriers and other play gyms, and it features eight classical melodies and motion-activated lights.

Unlike some other options, this gym comes with many toys. It has ring rattle, plush dog chime, discovery cards, a water-filled, leaf-shaped teether, frog rattle and large mirror. Now, let’s find out if this gym is worth the money.

The GoodBaby Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Play Gym

The movement-activated star is great. Most consumes enjoy this part of the product. What’s also great about this gym is the plethora of toys. A lot of gyms for baby just don’t have a lot of toys. As a parent, you know how important those toys are…

The play mat is very realistic, and it contains real illustrations and images, so it has no trouble keeping baby entertained. I also like that toys can be attached to the mat, rather than just the arcs, which are located above baby.

The Bad

Although these are the downsides of this product, they’re certainly tolerable. One of the issues is that the polyester fabric is a bit too slick, which makes it hard for baby to get the traction needed when crawling or engaging in tummy time.

The rings that the gym comes with that are used for hanging toys are not enough. It might be helpful to purchase some extra rings to hang other toys. However, this certainly isn’t a big problem.


This baby gym is definitely worth its price. If it was priced at $30 or higher, then we might have a problem, but for now, it’s certainly worth every penny.

The negatives of the product are annoying but tolerable, and fortunately, there aren’t many negatives to speak of. Out of about 100 reviews on Amazon, close to 75% of them were 4 and 5-star, so it’s easy to see that consumers are enjoying this product.