Infantino Baby Girl Animals Twist and Fold Activity Gym and Playmat

Are you looking to buy the Infantino Baby Girl Animals Twist and Fold Activity Gym and Playmat? Read what I’ve got to say about it and then decide if you still want to purchase it. What makes this baby gym stand out is the fact that it’s made for your baby girl.

A lot of gyms are made to be used by either gender. I want to give you a quick overview of the product’s features because I think you’ll find them unique.

The Features

For starters, this baby gym has a twist-and-fold design, which is unique for baby gyms. It has four linkable pals, including a musical toy. The colors used to make this product are high-contrast, so they’re very noticeable and enjoyable for baby girls.

It also has whimsical characters and fun textures. You can pop it up in a single motion and easily fold it while traveling. For tummy time play, it features a bolster pillow. Aside from engaging baby’s senses, this gym and play mat also encourages reaching.

The GoodInfantino Baby Girl Animals Twist and Fold Activity Gym and Playmat

This gym seems to be the solution for baby girls that don’t seem to be entertained by anything else. The mirror is quite big, so it’s easy for baby to look at herself. It’s possible to strap the mirror to any location on the gym.

The gym comes with three different toys, which can be hung or played with on the mat. All of the toys have a different color and look to them. The toys are also soothing to look at.

The problem with a lot of other baby gyms is that they don’t come with a pillow for tummy time. Fortunately, this one does! The pillow is also very soft. It’s also great that this gym is easily foldable, so it doesn’t take much effort to take it traveling.

The Bad

An issue with this gym is that it’s quite hard to make the monkey make noise because it must be shaken up and down quite vigorously. Also, the toy lion, which makes the jingle sound, is pretty hard to hear.

However, it’s easy to add some existing toys if needed. The mirror is pretty cheap, but it’s not the focal point of the product, so it’s not a big deal.


At the end of the day, this gym is worth the money. In fact, I think it over-delivers considering the low price point that it’s at, and this is especially true when compared with baby gyms around the same price point.

Although it only has about 30 reviews on merchant sites, it has an overall rating of almost 5 stars. Most of the reviews express how happy the customer is for buying this gym – I would have to agree.