Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym Review

It’s time that you can give a gift that will take them from birth until 18 months of ages growing alongside your young one as they explore everything this piano gym has to offer. Speaking of the reviews for the Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym with enough toys to keep your little one amused for time on end. You’ll see them progress their skills from the very beginning and on all with the little aid of a fun time with music. It’s a toy but in the form of a most comfortable baby mat where they can play and explore on their back or their tiny tummies. They get exercise as well from the big piano keys at the end of the mat where they can swing their legs and kick at the keys of the piano as they play. Hanging on the mat they can play with hanging toys for extra activity, exercise, and fun play with this incredible mat. There are colorful lights and a lot of sound and music to keep them entertained for what seems like fun time will never end.
Take them from birth all the way up to 18 months and probably even more because of the fun that they’ll be having with the Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym.

3 Different Modes of Play!

–       Lay and Play
Have them play and swing at the toys that hand over their head while they lie on their back and kick out at the piano keys by their feet with lights and music galore. They get to develop movement skills all while having a great time with this toy mat.

–       Tummy Play

They can lay on their tummy and stretch out and lay down that way as the toys that hand over their head in a an arch can be pulled down to the mat and they can play with them there and look into a big mirror to have fun learning their own self being and developing new skills as they find new ways to play with their toys on the Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym.

–       Sit and Play
When they get to the fun exciting point where they can sit they will find new ways to play with the toys attached to the arch on the mat and they also can have the piano keys pulled so they can sit and play with the keys making music and having fun with the lights too.

Additional Toys Included On Mat

–       The Piano Gym -where they can make noise and music by kicking, pressing and swing and watch the lights that show as they play.

–       An attached teether – for those times they need to chew down a little, there’s a bird teether they can play with as well as use for teething as well!

–       “Croaking Clacker Frog”- This cute little froggie makes noises to delight your little one.

–        Everyone loves the rollerball elephant – that gets your small one moving and having a great time with this colorful creature with the spinning ball!

–       Who said lions have all the fun chewing, this lion takes a chewing back from the baby as well with the hanging lion

–       There’s also a mirror shaped like the sun that your little one can explore and have fun with and even get to know themselves


Below Time to Play Magazine created a video review of the product.

There are many places to buy this product. You can buy if from Fisher Price for $52 or you can buy it from Amazon for $47.
All this gives your baby so many fun things to do and skills to learn like stretching and kicking and moving their arms and legs and seeing the fun things that can happen when they  do hit a key or catch a glimpse of themselves in the fun sun mirror.  The music can be set for briefly timed lights and music and also can be set to play up to a whole 15 minutes of fun and music and lights while baby has the time of his or her life. There’s so much to do that your little one won’t be bored and will sleep like an angel after so much playing to do on the Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym. Moms and dads are giving these definite thumbs up with all there is to play and do with this mat as well as learn and exercise while they have their playtime and explore everything that comes with it. They are learning skills and the gym grows with them as they grow as well.  No wonder there are so many positive things to say and do with the gym and this mat of fun!