Baby Einstein Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym Review

A popular product is the Baby Einstein Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym. However, before buying this play gym, you should probably read what I have to say about it. Since this gym for baby has so many features, I want to quickly tell you about them.

Product Features

A notable feature is the whale-shaped prop up pillow. This gym has a 2-in-1 electronic crib toy, which attaches to other play gyms and cribs. The detachable crib toy features six classical melodies and lots of lights. This gym also has a plush octopus, which has a dangling teether and rattler.

There is even a large, safe mirror for baby to enjoy. I like that this gym really has a lot to offer. It’s basically a different version of the Caterpillar and Friends play gym from Baby Einstein, so you can’t expect many disappointments.

The whale-shaped proper up pillow is perfect for when baby wants some tummy time. The plush octopus will probably become one of baby’s favorite toys, and fortunately, baby can take it anywhere.

The greatest feature about this baby gym is the detachable electronic toy, which has three different modes, with each mode playing a different type of music for a different duration of time.

The Likeable

There are many likeable qualities about this baby gym. For starters, it has an immersive range of colors. In fact, the colors and imagery are so vibrant that even as a parent it’s hard not to feel immersed within the product.

In terms of colors and appearance, there is absolutely NOTHING to dislike about this product. It’s substantially better-looking than similar products. It also has plenty of space to offer baby – some mats are way too small and leave baby feeling cramped.

The UnlikeableBaby Einstein Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym

Unfortunately, there are some things to not like about this gym. Since the toys are connected via tiny little ribbons, it can be difficult to move the toys around.

The toy-holding bars are placed very close together, so while lying, it can be difficult for baby to see the toys. Another issue is that two plastic bars run through the mat, which limits where baby can lay.


Although this product does have some downsides, they’re, at worst, annoying but not enough to break the deal. Overall, I believe this product is worth the money. More than anything, I think the vibrant colors and imagery are enough to spend the money on it.

With almost 200 reviews on merchant websites, most of them are 4 and 5-star, so it’s obvious that others like this product as well. You’ll always have some people who hate a product, but if the product is good, most people will love it.